Well it looks like the Democrats have won the House, contrary to my hopeful predictions, and bettors on TradeSports give the GOP a 12% chance to hold the Senate. Looks like my wife might have been right.

Democrats taking over the House of Representatives wouldn't be too tragic (except for the tax cuts they wouldn't renew), but if they get the Senate too then the next couple of years could be very difficult. Let's look at the potential winners and losers (toss in some more if you think of them).


- Crazy leftist blogosphere. We won't hear the end of it, despite the fact that most of their seat takeovers are due to rather conservative, even pro-life, Democrats.

- The Democrat party, if their new, more conservative, politicians can help reign in the crazy leftists that pushed their party out of power.

- North Korea, al Qaeda, Iran, Syria, Hugo Chavez, Hamas, and all the other thugs and tyrants around the world. They're probably dancing in the streets.

- The Media, for flexing their muscles and dragging the Democrats over the finish line (one last time?). Despite polls showing that Americans overwhelmingly want smaller government the media has managed to convince the public that our surging economy sucks, our success in Iraq is a failure, our success in Afghanistan is irrelevant, and that one gay pedophile Republican who never actually committed a crime reflects badly on the whole party.

- American parasites, because they'll reap the rewards of putting their masters into office.

- Republicans, if they get their act together and realize what happens when you don't dance with the guy who brung you.

- Right-wing bloggers, because we'll have a lot to rage about for the next two years!


- Republicans, because they wasted their majority and lost it.

- Iraqis, because they'll probably be abandoned to the predations of their Islamofascist neighbors.

- Iranians, North Koreans, "moderate Muslims", and the rest of th people oppressed by our enemies, because things are now likely to get a lot worse before they get better.

- American taxpayers, those few of us who remain, because our income will be redistributed to the parasites who put the Democrats in office.

- Hillary Clinton, unless the Dems really pull a rabbit out of their hats and manage not to screw the world up too badly before 2008.

- Unborn babies, who will keep being aborted for a while longer.

Your reaction to the 2006 mid-term election results.
We're doomed! Pack up the family and head for the hills.
Bad, but not tragic.
It's too bad, but we get the government we deserve.
Much ado about nothing. There won't be much effect.
It's good to get some turnover in Washington.
The Republicans got what they deserved for screwing up the country.
Finally, we can impeach Bush!
Forget politics, the market is up on news of a divided government!
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