Although this example isn't directly related to the War on Terror or the battle for Iraq, it's a good illustration of how the leftist media manipulates the American public into misery and defeatism.

The American people do not appear to appreciate the fact that their economy is, quite literally, in a class by itself. In an earlier post entitled "Americans Hate their Fabulous Economy," I tried to make that clear by comparing the recent Bush years to the preceding Clinton years in terms of their economic performance. I did not seek out obscure and esoteric economic indicators that could be used to mislead people into thinking that their hopelessly anemic economy is actually in great shape. Instead, I analyzed the basic economic indicators that have been used to gauge the health of any economy for decades. Those indicators reveal that America's economy during the Clinton and Bush years can only be described as fabulous -- and almost equally so -- in both cases. But we loved our economy back when Clinton was in charge. Now we don't. It makes no sense. Here again are the poll results that seem inexplicably downbeat:

Engram goes on at length to prove that America's economy is robust and stronger than any in the world -- and stronger than just about any economy throughout all history. But why don't Americans believe it? Because the leftist media constantly denigrates our economy in their perpetual struggle to elect Democrats.



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