Having just moved to the St. Louis area from Los Angeles I'm still trying to get up to speed with local politics... but it's no surprise to discover that Democrats play dirty everywhere. Republican Senator Jim Talent has had numberous campaign signs torn down, and now the vandals are caught on tape. Guess who?

Signs in a Springfield, Missouri were consistently vandalized recently even generating coverage on Missouri news outlets. Talent supporters kept replacing the signs, they kept getting vandalized, etc.

So, they captured the crime on film and realized it was McCaskill volunteers ripping the signs down!... Nice!

Gateway Pundit even has mugshots and names to go along with the video. The girl, Christin Green, values her vagina so much that she proclaims it tastefully on her shirt. Unfortunately Chris Worth leaves us in the dark as to his level of genital-esteem, assuming he has any. Not at all tacky!

This travesty joins that of the high-ranking Democrats in Milwaukee who slashed some van tires so old people couldn't go vote for Republicans. In that case though the perps weren't mere campaign workers, they included the son of Democrat Representative Gwen Moore and a former acting mayor of the city. Disgraceful.

In the comments please post links to other instances of election interference or voter fraud... let's see if we can find more Democrat or Republican thugs.



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