My continuing effort to get Sean Penn to shut up has apparently drawn some attention from Sean Penn himself, commenting pseudononymously as "Paul".

You’re an ignorant simpleton. A typical American brainwashed conservative who supports a war criminal in George W. Bush. You are pretty much exactly what is wrong with the world. Sean Penn is a talented actor with a social conscience who is trying to draw attention to the atrocities being committed by your fascist country. I'm an aussie and I hate it that our government supports your semi-retarded leader. He is honestly the laughing stock of the world, a village idiot made President. Well done America.

Don't waste your time insulting Sean Penn when you would rather be out shooting guns and attending KKK meetings you neo-conservative d%#k head.

Ok ok, "Paul"'s eloquence discredits my theory that he's actually Sean Penn, but he certainly knows the "talented actor" very intimately. However, I'm glad he commented because until now I didn't realize that I'm exactly what's wrong with the world. I thought Islamofascist terrorists blowing up Australians in Bali nightclubs might be even worse than I am, but perhaps not.

It's true that shooting guns at KKK members sounds appealing, but so many of them are now distinguished Democratic Senators that it would almost certainly be illegal. Perhaps "Paul" should learn more about American politics before he jumps into the fray; still, he's more gracious than American leftists in labeling our President only semi-retarded.



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