The Social Security Administration spends our plentiful extra tax dollars on a popular baby names site that provides data on the popularity of names for girls and boys. For a lark, I decided to investigate the name "Hillary".


As you can see, the popularity of the name dropped precipitously as Americans became more familiar with President Clinton's wife, and the ranking has not improved despite the mononymous Hillary's efforts to reshape her image. I don't think this bodes well for her political aspirations.

In contrast, "George" and "Albert" have declined moderately (with no sharp movements) and "William" has improved considerably: moving from 19th place in 1991 to 11th place in 2005.

Update 060908:
Thanks to Eugene Volokh's link I see that Matt Evans was on the same trail a few years ago, calling "Hillary" "the most poisoned name in history".



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