In a surreal display of ignorant submission, Pope Benedict sucks up to Muslims who want to behead him.

Speaking amid tighter security at his weekly general audience in St Peter's Square, the Pope repeated the thrust of remarks made on Sunday that his words had been misunderstood and expressed "profound respect" for Muslims [who want to murder him]. ...

He expressed his "profound respect for the great religions, particularly for Muslims, who worship the one God and with whom we are committed to defending and promoting together social justice, moral values, peace and freedom for all humanity."

Even though, of course, Islam doesn't worship the same God as Christianity and few Muslims are committed to any of the things in the Pope's list, instead being intently focused on waging jihad against the infidels, burning American flags and Pope dolls, and beheading everyone in sight.

Either the Pope is amazingly ignorant, a sniveling coward, or he really does "profoundly respect" Islam and should probably convert because he clearly doesn't "profoundly respect" Christianity.



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