I've only been following the "secret hold" on the porkbusting database story peripherally, but I'm as unsurprised as anyone that the Senator holding up the bill is Ted "Bridge to Nowhere" Stevens (R-AK). (In case you missed it, the "bridge to nowhere" debacle was over the $223 million of taxpayer money Stevens earmarked to connect the mainland to Alaska's Gravina Island -- population 50.) Ted Stevens is the king of pork, so it's only natural that he'd want to kill a $15 million database that will allow the public to easily search federal contracts and expenditures. Hey Senator, time to retire.

I changed the title of the post because now it lookes like ex-Klansman Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) also has a hold on the bill. Again, not surprising, since you can hardly drive through West Virginia without seeing 100 structures named after the old man and paid for by federal tax dollars.



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