I can't wait for feminists to leap all over the Hong Kong scientists who are claiming that men need women to keep them from "anti-social and violent behavior".

Researchers have expressed alarm about cultures that favor male babies, saying sex-ratio imbalances could destabilize society because more men will remain unmarried, raising the risks of anti-social and violent behavior.

In a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they said parts of China and India would have 12 percent to 15 percent more men over the next 20 years -- many of them rural peasants with limited education.

"The growing number of young men with a lack of family prospects will have little outlet for sexual energy," wrote Zhu Weixing of China's Zhejian Normal University and Therese Hesketh of the Institute of Child Health at University College London.

"This trend would lead to increased levels of anti-social behavior and violence, as gender is a well-established correlate of crime, and especially violent crime," they said, adding the trend would threaten stability and security in many societies.

If fish don't need bicycles, then bicycles certainly don't need fish!

Seriously though, I've written about the dangers of gender imblance before, and Arab/Muslim countries tend to have even worse problems than China.



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