This week has been incredibly draining. We moved some stuff into our house on Monday night when we arrived, and then spent Tuesday hanging curtains and fixing the place up. Then, on Wednesday we found out that the appraisal didn't match the asking price. We were agonized over whether or not we should pay more than the appraised value, but we decided not to have our furniture delivered. This evening we sent a letter to the sellers telling them that if they didn't lower the price we'd back out of the deal, and they said they wouldn't, so we exercised our appraisal contingency and moved back out of the house and took all our stuff -- including our cars -- to a hotel. So now we need to cancel the house insurance and all the utilities, as well as find a new house. We've got a great lead that we're looking into, but we're just unbelievably exhausted. Plus, tomorrow is my first day at my new job.

Anyway, that only begins to cover the drama. The listing agent apparently lied to us about various lawsuits that had been filed within the subdivision that would directly affect the value of the property we were going to buy. She lied to us about having another offer on the house and tried to pressure us into moving quickly. She assured us that the house would appraise for the right amount and tried to convince us to drop the appraisal rider before we moved in. Etc. What a nightmare. Anyway, we're back in a hotel again, with our dog, and just hoping to make the next attempted purchase work better than this one did. Pray for us!



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