Sorry about all the presumably-boring life story posts, but I've hardly got time to read the news much less think about it.

I had my first day at work today, and everyone seemed very nice and well organized. It looks like the work will be interesting and I think I'm going to enjoy everything. I'm going to try working earlier than I have in the past, hopefully from 8am to 5:30pm, with every other Friday off. It's called a 9-4-9 schedule, meaning that I'll work nine hours a day for nine days, and take the tenth off (technically, I'll only have to work eight hours on one of those nine days). That will give me 26 more days off work than on a traditional 40-hour work week, which sounds very appealing. I could work 10 hours for for days a week, but that might be too much. We'll see.

We've got another house that we're very interested in, and we're hoping to make an offer on it this weekend. As soon as we get the contracts signed that withdraw us from our existing offer, we'll have more information on the real estate agent who screwed us.



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