Well, it looks like we've decided to go with a Type 2 house, as I indicated in the comments to the previous post. The grounds are absolutely amazing, and the commute is about 20 minutes door-to-door. That's a little longer than I'm used to in the mornings, but about how long it took me to get home in the evenings from my job in Los Angeles.

Concerns: The house is in a very nice neighborhood, but most of the neighbors appear to be older folks. I like old people just fine, but it doesn't seem likely that we're going to meet many people our own age that will live close by. Of course, I don't know many people our age who live near our house in Los Angeles either, so maybe that won't be a problem. I'm used to braving the streets of LA to see my friends, so it shouldn't be any more difficult to drive a little here in Missouri. I'm hoping that the drive (maybe about 5 miles farther out than other, less nice areas) won't deter whatever new friends we make from visiting. DeoDuce knows people here, but they're down in Chesterfield, which looks to be about 20 miles away. Still, there have to be cool people closer by....

Also, there are a million churches here, but we have no idea yet where we'll join. We aren't centrally located in the metro area, so it could be that we end up going to church somewhat far away. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see. Pray for that, though, because we really need to find the place God wants us. We haven't had the mental energy to spend on this problem yet, but once we're here we're going to start looking around. If anyone knows any good Baptist churches in STL, let me know! We're not necessarily restricted to Baptist churches, but those are probably the most likely ones that will match our beliefs ( / the truth).

Does anyone have any experience flying dogs across the country? We've pretty much decided we're going to drive because we're scared that our dog will get killed or hurt himself, but does anyone know much about it?



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