Radio Blogger has a heart-wrenching photoblog of his wife's recent volunteer Katrina recovery trip to New Orleans, and it's stunning that most of the area looks like the hurricane could have just hit last week rather than nine months ago. Here's a picture of a house-car sandwich.


It's very touching to read about all the recovery work being done by churches from around the country, but I can't help but feel that much of the work will be for naught. Mrs. Radioblogger and her team spent a day (or days?) stripping a ruined house in the Ninth Ward (not the one in the picture above) down to the frame so it can possibly be rebuilt, but despite the valiance of their efforts, it doesn't seem like this house or a neighborhood should ever be reoccupied. The whole city of New Orleans is sinking into the Gulf of Mexico, and the Ninth Ward in particular is already an average of five feet below sea level. Even if this house were rebuilt, if the mold were eliminated, if the owner moved back in, if the neighborhood utilities were turned back on, there's no way to prevent or mitigate another devestating hurricane like Katrina. The land is lost and should be abandoned.

So, despite my admiration for the volunteers and the pride I feel knowing that other humans, and other Christians, can be so generous, I will not be contributing money or effort to projects that I feel are doomed to failure. I have donated money to Katrina victims' funds, and would be willing to help victims relocate, but rebuilding the drowned city is fruitless and hopeless. Alas.

(HT: Glenn Reynolds.)



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