So my cheap elliptical machine finally broke after about a year of constant use, and I couldn't find a replacement in the same price range so I started looking at alternatives. Wal-Mart had a few options, but the low-end machines were all at least $300, and since I enjoyed my now-broken $120 machine perfectly well I didn't really want to spend almost three times as much on a replacement. So my wife suggested that we try the Tony Little Gazelle Edge Fitness System, yes the one from the Geico commercial.


I was skeptical, but since the machine was less than $100 I figured that we might as well give it a shot; Jessica knew she liked it, having used one in the past. It didn't take long to set up, and I did a 20 minute workout on Monday and then a 30 minute workout on Tuesday morning. I didn't feel very winded after either workout, so I'm not sure if the machine is really going to push me in the long-term, but when I woke up this (Wednesday) morning I could barely move. Every muscle and tendon in my body hurts. The machine is doing something right, probably due to the incredibly wide range of motion and the fact that the left and right pedal/handle assemblies aren't connected to each other like they would be on an elliptical machine, so your body has to do all the synchronization and balancing on its own.

I haven't felt this sore and tired in a long time, so I'm going to give the machine a few more weeks before I decide whether or not I want to buy a more expensive elliptical. As of now, I can safely say that Tony Little kicked my butt.



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