It doesn't speak highly of the Germans that one kid with a knife stabbed 35 people in a crowd before anyone could stop him.

Victims of a Berlin knifeman who injured 35 people in a knife frenzy late on Friday night are living in fear of contracting the Aids virus after it was discovered one of the knifeman's first targets was HIV positive. ...

The 16-year-old assailant, named only as Mike P, has a police record for violence after beating up a school friend. He used a butterfly knife to stab 35 people in the crowds of sightseers. ...

Police say the man lunged and stabbed at the audience around him for 10 minutes, many could not escape because of the packed crowd.

So there were plenty of people around and no two or three men were willing or able to subdue this kid? For 10 minutes?! The Germans have apparently been reduced to a herd of sheep.



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