One of the most interesting aspects of last night's show is that Eelliioott did so well and McPhee completely bombed. Take a look at TradeSports contract listings in this screenshot taken right after the west-coast airing.


As you can see, before the show Eelliioott was the strong favorite to get the boot, but after McPhee's miserable performances she leapt into last place.

She's the youngest performer left, and I think her youth and lack of experience are really showing through. She doesn't know how to pick good songs, she can't arrange them (or help arrange them) very well, and she isn't really growing as a performer. The men who are left are all older, more experienced, and much more sophisticated singers, and it shows. McPhee obviously has a pretty face, but it doesn't seem like she's used to working hard for anything, whereas all the remaining men seem to be busting their butts every week.

Based on last night McPhee clearly deserves to be cut, but I have a hard time believing that Eelliioott will garner more votes despite his excellent performances.



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