A few days ago I ordered a Casio EX-Z750 from http://www.oneclickdigital.com for an excellent price, about 25% cheaper than any competitor, and then I got an email saying that they had to confirm my order over the phone. Ok, credit card fraud is rampant, so why not? I call and the salesman tries to sell me all sorts of expensive peripherals for the camera, which I decline. He gets upset but eventually I tell him that I don't want to buy anything else until I try out the camera, and he gives up.

Today then I called to see if my order has shipped yet, and the guy on the phone says it should go out today. Shortly thereafter I get an email from http://www.oneclickdigital.com saying that my order has been cancelled. Hmmm... could it be because I didn't want to buy their peripherals and they didn't feel like losing money on the sale with their ridiculously low price? Whatever. Screw them.

http://www.oneclickdigital.com is a scam!



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