Though my wife may not accompany me, I'm anxious to see United 93, the upcoming movie about the events on United flight 93 on September 11th, 2001. As this Time Magazine review states, I'm sure it will be both unbearable and unmissable.

"Movies need to address the way the world is," [writer/director Paul] Greengrass says. "We have to tell stories about 9/11." He also notes, "The victims' families want this film made. Every single one of them." (Universal, the studio producing the film, is donating 10% of the first weekend's box-office gross to the Flight 93 National Memorial Fund.) Hamilton Peterson, whose father and stepmother died on the flight and who serves as chairman of Families of Flight 93, sees two reasons America needs this film. "One, we're proud of what these Americans did," he says. "These are ordinary citizens who in a matter of minutes overcame what very evil and capable people had planned for years. The passengers took action without police or official support. They knew right from wrong, and they acted on it. Out of the dark of 9/11 came these heroes. And two, it is an example that future world citizens can learn from. If you remember Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, he tried to engage a very dangerous bomb and was thwarted by the bravery of the passengers and crew. Flight 93 served as a beacon for them. I don't think you can reaffirm that message too often or too much."

"I hope we're not as a society inured to the messages of the movie," says Hoagland. Those messages, of the hijackers' terrible cunning and dedication, the passengers' valor and sacrifice, are both timeless and timely. "I know it's not too soon," she says. "I hope it's not too late."

I want to relive it, I want to cry again, and I want to be reminded. It's one thing to say "never forget", but I think that puts an onus on us not to return to "normalcy" and not to lose sight of the vicious attack perpertrated on our country. We're still in a war, we're years away from winning, and we have to keep our determination. Part of that is emotion, and I don't want to lose my anger towards those who murdered more than 3,000 of my countrymen.



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