I don't know abuot anyone else, but I think Sit 'n Sleep's radio ads are awesome. They always make me laugh. Maybe it's because I can relate to Irwin.

I'm sure you've heard the ads. They start out with Larry, the owner, pushing some new sale he's got going -- same-as-cash till next year, 50% off, etc. Then comes Irwin, his accountant, who protests that if they follow through with the sale they'll go out of business -- "You're killing me Larry!" But, of course, Larry prevails and concludes every commercial with the 1-800 number and a promise that "Sit 'n Sleep will beat anyone's advertised price, or your mattress is FREEEEE!!!"

My love for the commercials led me to visit a Sit 'n Sleep store when recently purchasing a new mattress. Unfortunately, even though they'll beat advertised prices they won't beat negotiated prices at other stores, and I ended up getting a better deal from Mattress Gallery.



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