Having coffee with an old friend tonight made me think about my past and realize that there was a single moment, completely out of my control, that set the course for my entire life. When I was four months old my mom was looking for a babysitter for me so she could go back to work, and she investigated various daycare providers without finding anyone she liked. Until she met Moga, who for whatever reason she trusted enough to take care of me. Sometimes Moga would take me to church in the evenings when my parents were working late; eventually I began attending Awana and I became a Christian.

I know a lot of people who are reasonably unhappy, discontent, disillusioned, and rudderless in life despite (in some cases) outward signs of success, and I know that I could have been one of them if my mom had dropped me off with another babysitter. My parents aren't practicing Christians, and there's no way I would have learned about God or began attending my church if it weren't for my Moga.

Since my childhood, then, my faith has shaped every facet of my life, influencing everything from my choice of schools, my jobs, my friends, and my wife. I'm incredibly, unbelievably blessed in every area of life, and God began that blessing when he guided my mom to Moga's house. I had no part in it, yet I'm reaping the rewards of that simple act of divine intervention. No one had any idea that day that the path of my life had been determined in that moment, but looking back it's clear that it was.

What moment defined your life?



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