Last night was one of the best so far. Taylor was great, and so was Katherine. It was nice to see Chris do something a little different. Anyway, who cares about all that, what's important is who gets eliminated tonight! My prediction is that either Paris or Eelliioott will be leaving the show, and I only wish it could be both.

Here's how I'm currently grouping the idols; this will give you some sense of the order in which they'll be eliminated.

Bottom two: Eelliioott and Paris.

Middle two: Ace and Kellie.

Number Three: Taylor.

Top Two: Chris and Katherine.

Interestingly, TradeSports bettors rank the idols differently. Here are the odds they're putting on each idol going home tonight:


Hey, I don't like Ace either; I wouldn't be sad to see him go.



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