I don't pay much attention to fashion, and I'm certainly not the target market, but this trend is new to me: right-hand diamond rings, for the girl who has everything but can't be bothered with finding a man.

The Diamond Trading Company, a subsidiary of the international diamond company DeBeers, launched a campaign this summer designed to get women to buy a diamond ring to be worn on their right hands -- signifying independence and power.

Its aggressive media and marketing campaign has been a success, with celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Halle Berry wearing the rings, consumer recognition of the "right-hand ring" jumping from 25 percent to 59 percent, and some predicting higher holiday jewelry sales partially due to increased interest in the rings.

Fine by me; right-hand diamond rings are a lot better for society than a single woman who accessorizes by having a fatherless baby. Besides: DeBeers invented the whole idea of diamond engagement rings in the first place, so it's not like this trend violates some sacred tradition. It is kinda sad though.



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