Every country is talking tough on Iran, but it's time for more than just talk. If we and our allies aren't presently preparing and staging for military operations then we're already behind the curve. Even I, a mere blogger, can see the obvious signs that Iran is pushing to develop nuclear weapons despite their claims to the contrary, and even I can comprehend announcements by Iran's president that Israel should be wiped off the map.

Strategically, there's an argument to be made that the West is so complacent that the use of a nuclear weapon by Iran or one of its terrorist cronies may be one of the only events that can rouse us from our slumber in the face of this rising danger. However, I hope that such a terrible attack isn't necessary for us to do what needs to be done to preserve our civilization. President Bush has clearly shown a willingness to strike first when it's needed, and I hope that all the political posturing by his domestic enemies hasn't weakened the President's resolve to protect the American people.



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