I enjoy the first phase of the American Idol season as much as the next guy, and anyone who's seen it knows that the main attractions are the freakish, untalented losers who parade themselves in front of the judges and the cameras because they either think they can actually sing or because they just want the publicity. Either way, it's funny because we're laughing at them, not with them, because they're freaks. So it's pretty disingenuous for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation to get their panties in a wad when sexually ambiguous freaks are made fun of along with everyone else.

Bosses at America's leading gay rights group are demanding a summit meeting with the producers of TV talent show AMERICAN IDOL after claiming the programme is "increasingly homophobic".

Officials at the Gay And Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) were appalled by homophobic remarks made by judges SIMON COWELL and RANDY JACKSON on the first show of the new season, which aired in America on Tuesday (17JAN06).

On the programme, Brit Cowell told one effeminate wannabe to "shave off your beard and wear a dress," while Jackson asked another audition hopeful, "Are you a girl?" Both contestants were rejected.

I saw the show, and they were rejected because they were terrible singers. The whole point of the show is to mock untalented people, and these wannabes knew that and went on anyway. So it goes. In addition to mocking for lack of talent, the judges also routinely mock people for being fat, ugly, having no style, or whatever the case may be. As for the "Are you a girl?" person, the question was entirely justified because he/she was wearing female clothes, was built like a breastless girl, but kept referring to himself/herself as a male. He/she wasn't mocked for being gay (if he/she even was gay), he/she was mocked because of his/her appearance and mannerisms. There are plenty of gay people (even most gay people, for all I know) who are not freaks.

Anyway, the point is simple: if you want to be "edgy" and "nonconformist" then go ahead, but don't expect us not to make fun of you for it. The whole point of "civilization" is to enable people to work together towards a common goal, and when you purposefully choose not to conform then civilization will rightly ostracize you for that choice. Not because we hate you or want to hurt you, but because you're disruptive to the smooth functioning of society. Most freaks are disruptive on purpose, so they shouldn't be surprised when they're socially punished for it. (Socially, not violently or with malice, except perhaps in extreme circumstances like the KKK or something.)

Unwilling freaks are an entirely different matter and shouldn't properly be classified as "freaks" in the same group with those mentioned above. Those who want to get along but can't because of physical or mental differences obviously need to be treated totally differently from those who are freaks by choice.



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