I've heard this repeated as "fact", but is there any real evidence that the hospital death rate of potential organ donors is higher than the death rate of people who have not agreed to donate their organs? Are doctors quick to allow potential donors to die so as to improve the chances that the donor's organs will be more fit for transplant?

If not, then LifeShares may be an organization worth joining.

LifeSharers is a non-profit voluntary network of organ donors. LifeSharers members promise to donate upon their death, and they give fellow members first access to their organs. As LifeSharers members, you and your loved ones will have access to organs that otherwise may not be available to you. As the LifeSharers network grows, more and more organs may become available to you -- if you are a member.

The point is to give an incentive to people for donating their organs; increased access is one of the only possible incentives, since it's illegal to pay actual money for a body part.



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