This sample day in the life of a computer science grad student illustrates exactly why I decided to work full-time while in grad school rather than take a fellowship and do research.

1:00 Group Meeting with advisor 1:14 sudden awareness of one's shallowness resentment towards foriegn officemate for sucking up to your advisor Get reminded by your advisor that you need to do some more work for your literature survey.

1:51 Advisor hands you the reddened copy of your draft for corrections

1:51:02 The 49 second urge to murder advisor begins!!

1:51:52 Realize that he controls your assistantship/grade/ graduation possiblity/graduation date/all job opportunities/ and the rest of your life.

1:52:53 Thank him

1:52:54 Thank yourself for not saying something stupid to your advisor.

1:53:00 splitting headache #1

I've seen it, and didn't want it to be me.



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