Liberals are always wanting to give up, and always whining about how things are going to go wrong and fail. Whatever, losers. The key to success is tenacity, and the key to tenacity is confidence. Unfortunately the Democrats appear to have neither.

(SAN ANTONIO) -- Saying the "idea that we're going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong," Democrat National Chairman Howard Dean predicted today that the Democrat Party will come together on a proposal to withdraw National Guard and Reserve troops immediately, and all US forces within two years.

Dean made his comments in an interview on WOAI Radio in San Antonio.

"I've seen this before in my life. This is the same situation we had in Vietnam. Everybody then kept saying, 'just another year, just stay the course, we'll have a victory.' Well, we didn't have a victory, and this policy cost the lives of an additional 25,000 troops because we were too stubborn to recognize what was happening."

My understanding of Vietnam is that we lost for political reasons, not military reasons. Is that even controversial? Do Democrats actually think we couldn't have won if we hadn't chickened out? Anyway, if Iraq is like Vietnam it's that the only way we're going to lose there is through political failure. And yes, the Democrat politicians can bring that about if they try hard enough... although if we pull all our troops out tomorrow it's hard to see how even the current status could be considered anything but a huge win for America.

"I think we need a strategic redeployment over a period of two years," Dean said. "Bring the 80,000 National Guard and Reserve troops home immediately. They don't belong in a conflict like this anyway. We ought to have a redeployment to Afghanistan of 20,000 troops, we don't have enough troops to do the job there and its a place where we are welcome. And we need a force in the Middle East, not in Iraq but in a friendly neighboring country to fight (terrorist leader Musab) Zarkawi, who came to Iraq after this invasion. We've got to get the target off the backs of American troops.

What "friendly neighboring country" would that be? Last I checked, putting troops in Saudi Arabia was part of what pissed Osama off in the first place... and the Saudis are hardly friendly. In fact, I can't think of any government or populace in the Middle East that's more friendly to America than Iraq... except Israel. Yeah, that'd be great, let's put our troops in Israel.

"The White House wants us to have a permanent commitment to Iraq. This is an Iraqi problem. President Bush got rid of Saddam Hussein and that was a great thing, but that could have been done in a very different way. But now that we're there we need to figure out how to leave. 80% of Iraqis want us to leave, and it's their country."

I doubt that statistic, but even if it's true, why does the country belong to Iraqis rather than to some tyrannical dictator? Hm. There must be some reason.



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