I think it's pretty disingenuous for some leftists to continually treat our soldiers like children who need to be coddled and protected rather than like adults. Every one of our soldiers is a volunteer and worthy of honor and respect for risking his or her life for our country. The only people who involve children in warfare are our opponents. Part and parcel with this infantilization is the common refrain that if some people think the war in Iraq is such a good idea, they should "send" their own children to fight it. Now the left is even turning this absurd idea against its own politicians. Writes Jimmy Breslin:

If Hillary Clinton wants this war to go on, then she should send her daughter to fight in Iraq.

But last time I checked, no parent in modern America has "sent" their son or daughter to fight; the sons and daughters that serve do so of their own volition. The interesting pervisity is that the left actually thinks they're honoring our soldiers by treating them like children, because to the left there is no higher status than victimhood. The left couldn't possibly honor a soldier who chooses to go and fight in such an evil, unjust war, so they're forced to reduce our soldiers to victims in order to excuse their actions. (And they have to at least pretend to honor the soldiers even if they hate everything the soldiers stand for and believe in.)



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