ThinkGeek has a few pretty sweet/nerdy gifts that might be perfect for that special geek in your life.

Sneakier Uses for Everyday Things, a book that tells you how to, e.g., make a metal detector from a calculator.

HTTPanties, underwear emblazoned with HTTP error codes such as "403 Forbidden", "411 Length Required", "413 Requested Entity Too Large" and the ever-popular "200 OK". Everyone has gotten a "404 Forbidden" error before, but they could make use of other HTTP codes as well:
- "100 Continue"
- "202 Accepted"
- "300 Multiple Choices"
- "303 See Other"
- "305 Use Proxy"
- "402 Payment Required"
- "405 Method Not Allowed"
- "408 Request Timeout"
- "417 Expectation Failed"
- "503 Service Unavailable"

USB LCD display that provides a second display for your computer for when your monitor is otherwise occupied with games. This would have come in very handy back when I actually had time to play games.

They should pay me for this, but alas.



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