Perhaps my earlier belief that the majority of UN member states are tyrannical dictatorships was mistaken, seeing as how Freedom House rates 147 out of 192 nations as "free" or "partly free".

Freedom House listed 89 countries as "free," meaning that 46 percent of the world's population now enjoy a climate of respect for civil liberties.

Another 58 countries were judged "partly free," while the number of countries considered "not free" declined from 49 in 2004 to 45 this year, the lowest number in over a decade.

Of course, depending on the methodology, "partly free" nations could be pretty tyrannical, and the total number of "partly free" and "not free" states is greater the number of "free" states in the United Nations. So, for the moment I'm going to stick by my earlier assessment and continue to consider the United Nations to be a dictator's playground with no moral or philisophical standing whatsoever.



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