According to my wife's reading from CrimeLibrary's entry about Steven Seagal:

1. Steven Seagal really claims he's done Covert Ops for the CIA in REAL LIFE!!!

"You could say that I became an advisor to several CIA agents in the field and through my friends in the CIA, met many powerful people and did special works and special favors."
- Steven Seagal

2. Steven Seagal was shaken down by the Italian Mafia because he wanted to stop doing action movies. The Mafia guys, now in prison for death threats against Seagal among other things, said Seagal was "petrified."

3. Steven Seagal married two women at the same time and didn't tell them. They found out. They got mad.

4. Steven Seagal claims to have fought off several members of the Japanese Mafia...all at the same time.

5. Steven Seagal routinely embellishes stories about himself and has been called a "pathological liar."

6. Steven Seagal refers to himself onset as a "deadly marksman."

7. Steven Seagal once challenged a stuntman to a judo match during a break in filming. Seagal was left lying unconcious on the ground.

8. Steven Seagal has a custom tux tailored to conceal two handguns.

9. Steven Seagal put out a $50,000 hit on a former colleague because "he was out to get me."

10. Steven Seagal was granted legal immunity in order for his testimony about his ties to the Gambino family.

11. Steven Seagal paid the Gambino's rival mob family, the Genoveses, to protect him from the Gambinos.

12. Steven Seagal's movies are allegedly all about his real life experience...according to Steven Seagal.

Plus, according to his energy drink advertizing, "There is no telling what will happen once you get his juices inside you!"



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