A comment from Sandi has led me to reconsider the whole issue of women and humor.

What you haven't noted is that women are programmed by their "fathers and fathers fathers" as little girls to laugh at mens inferior juvenile humor when we do NOT think they are funny at ALL. Men tell tell jokes mostly at womens expense which are only funny to men (because they hate/envy women too - like you) I'm sorry that in life, women didn't find you funny (found you boring instead) and they think you're a retard. It sounds like a bunch of moron women and men brought you up so of course you wouldn't be exposed to anyone that had anything to offer because they certainly wouldn't have anything to do with you. Good heavens knows it certainly burns your ass when women like Margret Cho murder crowds all over the country. I suggest shock treatment and a sex change maybe you won't be so venmous. Thanks. Bye bish.



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