If your state had a problem with serial killers selling their art for profit I don't think you really need to be worrying about the limits of free speech, you need to be figuring out why your serial killers haven't been executed yet.

BOSTON (Reuters) - An online auction of artwork by a serial sex killer triggered outrage in Massachusetts on Tuesday where lawmakers proposed to block criminals from profiting on what they called "murderabilia," setting off a debate on free speech rights of prisoners.

A colored pencil sketch of Jesus Christ kneeling in a desert by Alfred Gaynor, a serial killer serving four life sentences for sodomizing and choking to death four women, went on sale on Tuesday on a Web site operated by a prisoner advocacy group.

It was one of nearly 300 artworks offered for auction through December 18 on The Fortune Society's Web site. If sold, nearly all proceeds from the work entitled, "A Righteous Man's Reward," will go to Gaynor, the group said.

Massachusetts' main problem is that it doesn't have a death penalty (source: deathpenaltyinfo.org). If you execute serial killers then you don't have to worry about their speech.



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