In light of all the recent hullabaloo by Democrats accusing President Bush of lying about weapons of mass destruction, I wonder what Saddam Hussein will say about the matter when it comes up in his trial?

1. Saddam will simply refuse to talk about WMD or to say anything substansive.

2. Saddam will continue to insist that he did have WMD and that we just didn't find them.

3. Saddam will say he never had WMD and that he was just trying to trick the world into respecting him.

4. Saddam will admit that he thought he had WMD but was actually deceived by his scientists.

Number 4 is most likely the truth, but Saddam will never admit it because it will make him look like a fool. I don't see how any of 2, 3 or 4 can do anything but hurt the Democrats, and 1 doesn't do anything to help them.



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