Given the best opportunity in years to begin dragging our state back from the brink of destruction, California voters appear to be balking. I'm very discouraged to see every proposition I backed losing except for, at this moment, Proposition 75 which will protect the dues of union workers. Ah well; in the end that may turn out to be the most important proposition on the ballot.

Update, the next morning:
Nope, they all failed. Good job California. Sigh. Someone was telling me about some great tech jobs in Idaho.... Turnout was a miserable 42.6 percent, which means that if enough Republicans had felt connected to the issues and interested in changing the status quo we could have passed every proposition handily.

I won't fall into the Democrat's trap of blaming the "stupid" voters or attributing these losses to "bad communication". I honestly think Californians either like the way things are, don't want to improve their lot, or don't think it's possible. So it goes. We have to do more convincing, I suppose.

The only good news is that my mom won re-election in our local school board election. Congrats!

(HT: Patterico.)



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