Despite the recent news item about Google describing Taiwan as a "province of China", the opinions of a search engine aren't that important. Just as with Israel, the way an organization treats Taiwan says more about that organization than it does about the Republic of China (that is, Taiwan). Particularly, we can learn a lot about the UN by its continual refusal to admit Taiwan or even grant the nation observer status.

In the grand arena of global diplomacy, office renovations are of course a sideshow. But as a symbol of the difference between the aging behemoth that is the U.N., and the lively democracy that is Taiwan, the contrast between the two renovation projects could hardly be more apt. While the U.N. reserves one of five permanent seats on its Security Council for the despotic "People's Republic" of China, plays along with the nuclear bomb program of the Islamic "Republic" of Iran and routinely clears its schedule to entertain the opinions of Fidel Castro's Cuba, the U.N. does not even offer Taiwan observer status, let alone a seat. ...

Borrowing a page from George Orwell, the U.N. also celebrated its anniversary with a poster in the lobby of its famous but decrepit headquarters, on which it advertised a display of "Original Signatories of the U.N. charter." Except they weren't. The original signatory for China of the U.N. charter was the Republic of China. In the 2005 U.N. version, the signatory listed was "China, People's Republic of." Informed of this Turtle Bay twisting of history, Mr. Hsia wrote to U.N. Undersecretary-General Shashi Tharoor, noting, "It is hard to imagine how the U.N., perhaps the world's most important international organization and one which is widely counted on to preserve the truth, could allow itself to blatantly deviate from history and misinform the world about something so fundamental to its history."

The U.N. did not write back, says Mr. Hsia, nor did the U.N. correct the mistake. Instead, in the finest tradition of Orwell's memory hole--the poster simply vanished.

The leftist elite that likes to pull the world's strings (and can, because most everyone else is too busy being productive) are trying their best to condemn us all to fascist tyranny for our own good. The denigration of Taiwan and the glorification of the ChiComs deserves to be a highly visible example of why their plans should be uprooted as soon as possible.



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