President Bush is in Los Angeles for a fundraising trip and just about every local news source has been buzzing about the freeway closures his arrival and travel have required (for security purposes).

Bush was due to arrive in Los Angeles later Thursday for a two-day visit that includes a fundraiser in Beverly Hills to be attended by 100 couples, at which the Republican National Committee is expected to raise one million dollars, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Compared to the hundreds of thousands of man-hours lost to freeway closures during rush hour today and tomorrow, I think it would have been far more efficient for the city to simply write a check to the RNC for a million dollars and paid the President to stay away. The traffic he caused isn't doing anything to ingratiate the President or his party with the population of Los Angeles, I can tell you that much. I work in a pretty conservative industry, but many people at work were grumbling about the closed freeways this afternoon before they left for home.

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