Jim Lindgren wants the sun to set later, but Eugene Volokh just wants more daylight, period. I'd prefer the latter but I'll settle for the former, and I like Mr. Lindgren's proposal to shift the clock an hour ahead permanently and another hour ahead in the summer. Who needs sunlight at 6am? Fewer than 2% of Americans are farmers.

Here's a nifty page with a history of daylight savings time and standard time in general. I love this sort of trivia:

Time zone boundaries have changed greatly since their original introduction and changes still occasionally occur. The Department of Transportation conducts rulemakings to consider requests for changes. Generally, time zone boundaries have tended to shift westward. Places on the eastern edge of a time zone can effectively move sunset an hour later (by the clock) by shifting to the time zone immediately to their east. If they do so, the boundary of that zone is locally shifted to the west; the accumulation of such changes results in the long-term westward trend.



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