As most of you know, the federal government is planning on spending billions of our tax dollars on two enormous endeavors, neither of which it is actually empowered to perform. First, the government proposes to spend as much as $200 billion to rebuild New Orleans -- a city that's 80% below sea level and just about to be further destroyed by yet another hurricane. Second, they want to spend more than $100 billion to send men to the moon -- a project that will be "very Apollo-like, with updated technology". I like moon bases and underwater cities as much as the next guy, but the Constitution doesn't grant our federal government the authority to spend our money on either of these things. If we as a nation want our government to do them, we should insist upon amending our Constitution to allow it.

However, I have an even better idea! Why spend $200 billion and $100 billion on separate projects when we could just put the two together and rebuild New Orleans on the moon? Our satellite doesn't have any hurricanes, and its oceans are full of dust! Plus, there wouldn't be any shortage of entrepreneurs eager to take up residence.



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