Maybe some lawyers can shed light on the laws -- and the underlying moral evaluations -- that could determine whether or not BTK's family will/should pay for his crimes.

WICHITA, Kan. - A week after BTK serial killer Dennis Rader was sentenced to 10 consecutive life terms, his ex-wife is fighting to keep the money she stands to make from selling the couple's former home.

Paula Rader was expected to ask a judge Friday to allow her to intervene in at least six civil suits filed by the victims' families against her ex-husband. She is seeking to have Rader's name removed from the title of the couple's home, which has liens against it pending the outcome of the lawsuits.

The families' attorneys are opposing her efforts, saying the house sold for $30,000 more than it was worth because of BTK's notoriety.

On one hand, I'm sympathetic to the ex-wife... but I also find it hard to believe she didn't know anything about Rader's many murders. Let's assume though, for the sake of argument, that she was taken entirely by surprise and had no idea her husband was a serial killer. Do you think the victims' families should be able to sue and take all the assets that belonged to her and Rader jointly? What's the law, and what's the right thing to do?



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