AC sent me some screen shots of some AP/Yahoo photos with captions that may reflect racism among the journalistic elite. No links to the original photo URIs were sent, and AC claims they've been taken down.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

The captions identify black looters as "looters" and white looters as "two residents" "finding" bread and soda in a grocery store. What do you think?

David Hiersekorn writes:

There are a couple of reasons. First, the two photos were taken by different agencies. The "looters" photo was from AP, and the "finders" photo was from Agence-France Press. There are very likely different editorial standards.

Secondly, the actual photographers were interviewed. The "looters" photographer observed the people entering a store and coming out with the merchandise. On the other hand, the "finders" photographer saw the people actual "find" the food outside a store. They never entered the store.

I think there is a genuine question as to whether a person can "loot" lost items. The different caption likely reflects a difficult editorial decision in an attempt to distinguish what was observed from the common understanding of what "looting" is.

This isn't an example of racism.

Sounds reasonable to me. It appears now that this story got quite a bit of play last week and I just never noticed it.



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