The big evil defense contractor I work for is sending millions of dollars to the Gulf Coast to help with disaster relief.

In response to the mounting damages caused by Hurricane Katrina, I am pleased to announce that [the company] will contribute an initial $2 million for relief assistance. This contribution is based on the current needs assessment. It will support the company’s Gulf Coast employees through a relief fund established specifically for this purpose, and will support their local communities with a contribution to the American Red Cross. ...

Many of you asked how you can help your Gulf Coast colleagues. I am pleased to announce that a matching gift program has been established for those wishing to contribute to the Disaster Relief Fund. The company will match employee donations dollar for dollar. Accompanying this announcement is a Q&A document explaining how you can contribute.

In addition to immediate monetary assistance, resources are being tapped across the company to help our employees and operations. We are working to deliver food and necessary supplies, vehicles, temporary office trailers, generators, compressors and other equipment. Company aircraft have been pressed into service. Satellite telephones have been sent to the area to address the communications problems, and personnel issues such as payroll distribution are being addressed. We will continue to do everything in our power to ensure the comfort and well-being of our employees and hasten the resumption of business.

Taking care of people is good business.

And evil corporation Wal-Mart has set up a community crisis contact page that people can log in to from home or from any Wal-Mart and leave messages for friends or family affected by Katrina.

(HT: Glenn Reynolds.)

Update 2:
Wal-Mart is donating another $15 million, and promising to open up "mini-Wal-Marts" in affected areas to give away essentials to people in need.

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