You know, I've never received a donation solicitation from a Republican that has called Democrats -- or any individual Democrat -- "un-American" like John Kerry does in an email forwarded by tallglassofmilk. (Note: I'm assuming the email is genuine; it follows the Democrats' talking points pretty closely.)

While they conduct a no-holds-barred effort to brush aside any and all questions about the nominee's record and his or her commitment to protecting individual freedom, you and I are supposed to be silenced for fear of being called "obstructionists" and cowered by their threat to revive the "nuclear option."

That's worse than unacceptable. It's un-American, and it's not how we carry on public debate in the greatest democracy on earth. Show them that, with the future of the Supreme Court on the line, we won't stand on the sidelines:

I know I can count on your support in making the following commitment: I will insist on a complete and full examination of the record of President Bush's nominee. And, if that nominee is intent on reversing Roe v. Wade and essential Supreme Court protections for civil rights, I will use every option I have as a United States Senator to keep that nominee off the Court.

John Kerry

So who's politicizing the Supreme Court? Who's calling whom "un-American"? The Democrats are always condemning their opponents for "questioning" their patriotism, but it's the Democrats who tend to throw around the most vitriol.

Plus, it is literally obstructionist for the minorty to use procedural tactics to thwart the majority. That's what John Kerry is promising to do, so he can't object to the label with any sort of intellectual honesty. And if I remember correctly, it's the Democrats who call eliminating the filibuster "the nuclear option", so why does he put it in scare quotes?

Good grief. Can you imagine if we had elected this doofus to the Presidency? I suppose there's some small comfort in the knowledge that Senator Kerry probably didn't write this letter himself, and may not have ever even seen it.



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