The recent bombings in London are terrible in the extreme, and all my sympathy goes out to the Brits as they deal with this atrocity. I don't have any particular commentary to offer, but I'll be following the news as I know all of you will be. I wonder if the attacks could be intended as a security disctraction from the G8 in Scotland?

My brother and I stayed at King's Cross, the site of one explosion, when we were in London in 2001. Who thinks this couldn't have happened in Los Angeles, or San Francisco, or Chicago, or New York, or DC? Thomas Jefferson said that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, and not just against internal, legal threats. Islamofacsists want to annihilate our way of life, but they're too weak to fight us on the battlefield so they bring their bombs to our civilians... which means our civilians must be willing to fight back.

The UK has been our stauchest ally in the War on Terror, and today we will -- and must -- stand by our brothers and sisters across the pond and do whatever we can to avenge these attacks and deter future threats.

Check out The Jawa Report for developments. I encourage anyone who's so inclined to use the picture above to show their solidarity with the Brits.

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