What's the best place you've ever stashed anything? I had to go to Monterey earlier this week for a business trip, and just as I was about to pass through security at LAX I remembered that I hadn't left my knives at home! They go with me everywhere, but I obviously couldn't take them onto a plane, and I didn't relish the prospect of surrendering them to the TSA.

So I had my fellow-traveler hold my place in line while I ran to the bathroom and hid my knives in one of the metal soap dispensers. You know, the old kind of wall-mounted dispenser that every public restroom has, that sits unused but is never removed despite being displaced by newer models. The unit opened easily enough and I stashed my hardware inside, wrapped in some paper towels.

I was worried about my knives for the whole trip, but when I got back to LA after three days away they were still waiting for me in the restroom! Huzzah! I was so relieved. I'm constantly using my knives, and I hate going without them.



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