I've never seen a bigger pile of steaming crap than the disgusting load of manure Kofi Annan dumped all over the Washington Post in an op-ed two weeks ago in which he claimed all the credit for progress in Iraq for himself and the UN. How did I miss seeing this before? The poop-pile wrote:

A year ago, in Resolution 1546, the U.N. Security Council set out the timetable that Iraq, with the assistance of the United Nations and the international community, was expected to fulfill. The Brussels conference is a chance to reassure the Iraqi people that the international community stands with them in their brave efforts to rebuild their country, and that we recognize how much progress has been made in the face of daunting challenges.

If by "the international community" he means the United States of America, the UK, Australia, and Poland, then fantastic. However, none of those countries is actually mentioned in his article... somehow the UN ends up getting credit for the blood and sweat of our soldiers. Wait... where there soldiers involved? Krapi Annan doesn't say! Maybe Saddam Hussein decided to peacefully resign in the face of perpetual UN weapons inspections. Kofi also fails to mention that one of the most "daunting" challenges has been getting the UN to do anything other than profiteer off the misery of the Iraqi people.

The United Nations has been strongly urged by a wide spectrum of Iraqis to help them maintain momentum, as we did with January's elections. They have sought our support in constitution-making, in preparing for the October referendum and the December elections, and in coordinating donor assistance for the political transition as well as reconstruction and development.

Oh yeah, Iraqis love the UN, especially the way they flee the country every time a bomb goes off.

Our response has been prompt and resolute. We have set up a donor coordination mechanism in Baghdad, deployed a Constitutional Support Unit, and established an active and collaborative relationship with the assembly's constitutional committee. Today more than 800 U.N. personnel -- both local and international, including security staff -- are serving in Iraq in the U.N. assistance mission.

800? And no mention of the 150,000 American and allied troops? No mention of the thousands of other Americans who have gone to Iraq to work and help them rebuild? How many tanks are in a "Constitutional Support Unit"?

Whether U.N. assistance proves effective will depend largely on the Iraqis. Only they can write a constitution that is inclusive and fair. The United Nations cannot and will not draft it for them. Nor do we need to, because Iraqis are more than capable of doing it themselves. They would welcome advice, but they will decide which advice is worth taking.

Could you be more condescending you enormous turd? I hate the UN; you're worse than useless. Kofi Annan is personally responsible for aiding and abetting genocide, so I'm sure glad the Iraqis have his permission to draft their own constitution -- hopefully they'll leave out the parts where "peacekeepers" rape women and children.

The Iraqi people continue to endure a painful and difficult transition, and they still have a long and tough road ahead. The United Nations is privileged and determined to walk it with them. In doing so, we serve not only the people of Iraq, but the peoples of all nations.

I'm completely astounded by Kofi's relentless lies, hubris, and self-promotion. As Nile Gardiner wrote:

After reading Annan’s piece, readers could be forgiven for believing the U.N. was largely responsible for the democratic changes sweeping Iraq, and for the country’s reconstruction. In truth, the U.N.’s role in post-war Iraq has been half-hearted. The U.N. deployed just 40 staff, including a meager 19 election experts, in support of the historic January 2005 National Assembly elections.

Read the rest of Mr. Gardiner's response to Kofi Annan's defecation all over the graves of the 1,700 allied troops who died to free Iraq, and not a blue helmet among them. The UN is one of the most corrupt, evil organizations ever conceived of by man, and Kofi Annan fits right in.

(HT: The Daily Spork.)



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