Just got home from a wedding in San Diego and had a great time. We didn't actually go into the city proper but wandered mostly between La Jolla and Solana Beach. Jessica and I stayed at the Winners Circle Resort and the facilities were good. The rooms were reasonably large, aided by fold up beds that help maximize floor space when not asleep. The pool was comfortable as well, and there was plenty of sun. Downsides: we couldn't check in early, there was only one jacuzzi that was always full, and the walls to the rooms were rather thin. It was a little pricey, but it was the cheapest place in the city that wasn't booked up solid for Comic Con, which happened to be the same weekend as the wedding. Traffic to San Diego wasn't too great driving south on Friday morning, but we blasted home Sunday afternoon in 90 minutes, including a stop at Friar Tux to return my wedding uniform.

The wedding was great, and the ceremony was short -- possibly the shortest I've ever been to. From when the parents were ushered to their seats to the retreat of the bridal party the whole event may have lasted 20 minutes. The reception afterwards went a lot longer and was a load of fun, and your humble host even allowed himself to be dragged onto the dance floor by the most beautiful girl at the party. He also consumed approximately 20 Roy Rogers and a quart of grenadine.

If I didn't live in Los Angeles I'd want to live in San Diego. Fortunately I was reminded on the drive home of why I love LA.



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