Here's a great example of a blogger being quoted as an expert, and pseudonymously at that. Wretchard, now self-revealed as Richard Fernandez, has been quoted in a Times Online article about missing US SEALS in Afghanistan.

“Its insertion represented an extraordinary risk,” said the author of an influential military blog known as Wretchard. “They would be operating in an area known to be a stronghold of the Taliban, where any contact with the enemy automatically meant they would be grossly overmatched.”

Another source noted that Murphy’s unit bore all the hallmarks of a long-range sniper team sent to hunt down a particular target. US Navy Seals are trained to spend long periods operating clandestinely.

“The fact that the US did not send in several hundred troops for a sweep instead of the four-man recon team strongly suggests the team’s mission was to fix a very high target before it could flee from an airmobile assault,” Wretchard said.

The post being quoted is here, and there are a few later follow-ups. As I've written in the past, the strength of the blogging medium is that the experts themselves are doing the writing without being filtered through ignorant reporters and editors. (Ignorant in the sense that they don't know anything about the topic they're reporting on.)

Wretchard also has a post about the London bombings being both a blessing and a curse.

The Al Qaeda have characterized the attack on London as 'punishment' for Britain's temerity to resist the inevitability of Islam. It is the kind of punishment these self-ordained masters of the universe are accustomed to meting out against harem women and insolent slaves. A few administered licks, and no doubt the cowardly kuffar will crawl back to his place. The tragedy is that Al Qaeda's perception is perfectly correct when applied to the Left, for whom no position is too supine, no degradation too shameful to endure; but incorrect for the vast majority of humans, in whom the instinct for self-preservation has not yet been extinguished. It will result in history's greatest case of mistaken identity; the mismatch that should never have happened. The enemy is even now dying at our feet, where we should kick him and kick him again.

I think his characterization of the left is pretty accurate, and in their constant striving for false peace they bring us ever closer to the brink of total war.

You'll also want to refresh your memory by reading Wretchard's Three Conjectures that explain why Muslims had better hope the West wins this war as quickly as possible.



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