In an utterly bizarre and misguided move, San Bernardino City Unified School District has decided to incorporate "ebonics" into its curriculum... ostensibly to help more blacks get into college.

Incorporating Ebonics into a new school policy that targets black students, the lowest-achieving group in the San Bernardino City Unified School District, may provide students a more well-rounded curriculum, said a local sociologist.

The goal of the district's policy is to improve black students' academic performance by keeping them interested in school. Compared with other racial groups in the district, black students go to college the least and have the most dropouts and suspensions.

Hmmm... maybe the difficulties of black students who have a hard time learning and getting into college are caused by their lack of English proficiency. Does it seem utterly off-the-wall to suggest that the solution is to help them speak English rather than to encourage their continued dependence on a pidgin dialect that isolates them from mainstream society?

Beginning in the 2005-06 school year, teachers will receive training on black culture and customs. District curriculum will now include information on the historical, cultural and social impact of blacks in society. Although the program is aimed at black students, other students can choose to participate.

While immigrants from other countries strive to assimilate into American culture, blacks are encouraged to actually diverge from the mainstream. Isn't it obvious that this path is destructive, and will ultimately hinder the progress of blacks as individuals and as a group? Not to mention perpetuating negative stereotypes.

Jacocks said he didn't believe the new policy would create animosity. He said he welcomed the idea of other ethnic groups pushing for their own programs.

"When you are doing what's right, others will follow,' Jacocks said. "We have led the way before the civil-rights movement opened the door for women's rights and other movements.'

Insanity. The civil-rights movement was based on making everyone equal in the eyes of the law and removing barriers within our society. This ridiculous "education" program is designed to erect barriers, and will have terrible effects on the lives of every student it touches.

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