So what are you guys up to this weekend? I'm just relaxing. Yesterday my fiancée and I replanted the flowerbed in front of my house. The gardenias were over-grown and 90% wood, so we pulled most of them up and put in marigolds of various flavors. It looks pretty cool, and I can't wait for the flowers to get bigger. It's funny because I don't like gardening, but just about anything I do with her ends up being fun.

I also installed some new exterior lighting; the old fixtures wouldn't accept the fluorescent spotlight bulbs I found. I love fluorescent bulbs, especially for the outside, because I can leave them on all night. Each one only consumes about 11 - 14 watts of power, and I use a half-dozen or so around the house at night so I can see what's going on outside. I don't care for motion sensors -- because they're always clicking on and off when you don't want them to, and they never go on when you need to look out the window.

Today I'm going to go running and hang out with my family. I hope the soldiers in the field are having a decent day, I know we're thinking about them over here. My thoughts have turned to Paul Varner more than once, and my prayers are with his family and all those who have lost loved ones. God bless America.



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