My brother just sent me a link to an article about International Science and Technology Centers that are designed for "Stabilizing Employment for Nuclear Personnel".

The International Science and Technology Centers are a multilateral effort to provide opportunities for scientists of the former Soviet Union with weapons of mass destruction (WMD) expertise to engage in peaceful research – both basic and applied. The goal of the two Centers, based in Moscow and Kiev, is to reduce the likelihood – if possible, to zero – that such scientists or the institutes at which they work would be tempted to provide their expertise to terrorists or proliferating states. They do this by providing grants to fund peaceful research by former weapons scientists, combined with some efforts to facilitate these scientists' transition to long-term, sustainable civilian activities. The program includes nuclear weapons scientists, but it welcomes all "weapons scientists and engineers, particularly those who possess knowledge and skills related to weapons of mass destruction or missile delivery systems," in the former Soviet Union.

Sounds like a good idea to me, and a mostly-unnoticed front in the war on terror.



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